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Jul 31

AMSC Seoul 2007


Absolutely drained, less than 30 hrs of sleep in 10 days. Can you believe that? Even less than EAMSC07 in taiwan!!

Hong Kong got THIRD in paper presentation and FIRST in poster presentation!! Not only were we the only country (uh, region) out of the 12 who won BOTH presentations, we even got the AMSA International Challenge Trophy!! Snatched it from Malaysia at long last!! Cultural performance was also a success! Every bit of hard work was worth! Well done, please give a big hand to the Hong Kong delegation!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words and I’m too lazy to type, so please sit back, relax and enjoy a few of the 1600+ photos taken throughout this 10-day span (down to 1377 now…)

Our academic paper presentation, so professionally done!!!
A big round of applause to our Academic Secs – Iris and Shasha!

Poster presentation was a Success!

Our peristaltic colon for poster presentation of Colorectal cancer!
Yea someone’s gonna go ‘”ewww… disgusting…”

Group 6 from EAMSC07, Reunited in AMSC07!

VERY first “normal” photo with constance

Part of the CU delegation

One of our many jumping photos

Korean traditional see-saw game — Loooch in the air!

Tug-o-war: Hong Kong vs Korea!!

Group 19 cantonese speakers! (delegates from HK UK and malaysia)

“I want the duck!!! I want the duck!!!” Sheila and I paddling our GM Gloria around the pond.

Come on, we all need some entertainment during lectures, dont we?

AMSAHK Exhibition! Explaining our structure to members from other countries!

The HONG KONG Delegates! (plus a really random indonesian.. haha)

Cultural Performance — the typical wayward misbehaving teenager and the traditional old-fashioned mom in Hong Kong — then we had taichi, dragon dance, street jazz and hip hop incorporated into the drama.

HongKong X Korea

Group 19!!! “We have two options, but one is not working and the other one is crappy”

Need I say more?

This photo is so near-perfect

Don’t be mistaken, we were not as energetic as we looked since this photo’s taken in the very last day…

lovely weather

Mini Coopers in Korea! What a sight!! (Europeans cars are virtually non-existent in car-manufacturing countries such as Japan and Korea — unless it’s driven by ultra rich arses)

My Phoenix tattoo!!! Worn out so much after 2 days! Such a rip-off!!!

Flying back to Hong Kong in a minute!

Thank you
the Korean OC
Hong Kong Delegation
and all other member countries
for making this Trip ever so memorable.
I really enjoyed having fun with each and every one of you!