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Apr 24

African snippets

A funny conversation I had with a british girl here:

Girl: So which school did you go to in the UK?
Me: Cheltenham Ladies’ College
Girl: OOOOOO-LA-LA~~~~~~~!!!!!!
Me: ….

wakakaka… yea, posh school, but not a posh graduate


And it’s really funny how people from alllll over the world think that allll chinese people are born to be kung fu fighters. Staff at the clinic, kids from the orphanage, even the bushmen…. Once they know I’m a chinese they go excitedly ’Can you show me some kung fu????’ arghhhh you guys are watching way too many misleading hollywood movies….. One of the kids at the orphanage started calling me Bruce Lee…. -_-… I called him Jacky chan, then omg, you should really see that instant wide grin on his face, the way his face just lights up like the flick of a switch… It’s like an HONOUR to call him THAT name…. He was so happy… Then another kid said he wants to be Jet Li… everybody wants to be a Chinese…. Then I started writing them their Chinese names. They went CRAZY…. 20+ kids instantly crowd around me with some scrap paper (torn magazine/newspaper pieces; exercise book covers; lottery tickets; etc, any pieces of writing material they could find on the sandy ground outside the orphanage), yelling ‘write Benson!’ ‘write Jack!’ ‘how do u write Mike??’ ‘Cesar! Cesar!’ etc… after they got their chinese names they ask me to write countries… ‘Zambia’ ‘Zimbabwe’ (I hv no clue what their chinese names are so I just made it up) ‘China’, etc etc…….. I ended up spending 45 minutes crouching on that sandy ground writing…


Taught some Science to some of the older kids at the orphanage… I looked at their textbook and saw the most bizzare thing I ever found on a textbook…. They have one whole module dedicated to Sexually Transmitted Disease, Then one of the exercises they got was ticking the activities which will spread STD’s… there are pictures of ppl shaking hands, hugging, kissing, and, yea, u guessed that, making love (under a duvet though). We couldn’t help laughing at it… Then one of the class discussion was ‘How to prevent the spread of STDs’ The kids sure know a hell lot, more than us even, one kid told us ‘You know how the name of the condom came from? It’s invented by a guy called John Condom’

We went speechless, then one of the volunteers said ‘You know what? I am John Condom’ The kids sure looked surprised…. did they really believe that the legendary John Condom is right in front of their eyes????


Helped out at the Lab in the Clinic the other day. had to prepare sputum samples for tb investigation. What I did was to take all those Gooey Bloody Mucus taken from the patients’ throat, wipe them on microscopic slides, then stain them, then look under a microscope and count the number of TB bacillus to determine the patient’s tb state.

Right, I got plastic gloves and Lab coat alright, but they don’t have a mask, instead they have a fan facing the window so the bacteria from 90 slides of the 30 tb patients will be blown away (hopefully). Fingers crossed, I hope my TB Immunity from that BCG jab I had when I was in Primary school is still functioning properly, or else……………………………………………………….