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May 27


Okay so this is the end of my first placement… Left the animal rescue center and we were all sent to Windhoek (capital of Namibia) on a cattle truck. Yes we all sat at the back of a truck where there usually is cattles, 13 of us. haha it’s actually quite cool though. Very african, but that 3 hrs ride was quite tiring…

Sth really funny happened last night… haha… There’s that German girl who always asked me to teach her how to swear in Chinese. So I just taught her some typical ones like ‘diu nei’, ‘ding nei gor fai’ and ‘puk gai’ but somehow she can ONLY remember ‘diu nei’

Right so we were at a bar last night. There was a drunk man who came towards our table and was trying to play some tricks with some coins. He put an african drum on our table and asked me to play then I was like wtf?? I just told him ‘I’m tone-deaf, sorry’

Then he said ‘No I don’t believe that’

then my german friend asked him ‘Hey, don’t you have any friends?’

He ans ‘What? Where do you come from?’

Then my german friend said… ‘I’m from HONG KONG!!!!’

That guy stood in silence

then german girl said ‘KONNICHIWA!!!!’

I went .
That guy went ‘What?’

then german girl yelled at him ‘DEEEEEEEEEU NEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

That guy said ‘u guys are crazy’ then walked off.

I laughed my ass off… hahahahha….

Aww… I miss Duma, Zita, Goeters, Nikita, Afram, Shingela, Lueki, Jeannie, Aloise, Aiko, Aisha, Kiki, Bony, Zion, Minstrel, Patches, Patcha, Smokey, Lucky, Lilibi, Prince, Whiskey and the list goes on and on and on and on and on………………….

Okay more updates later


Apr 24

African snippets

A funny conversation I had with a british girl here:

Girl: So which school did you go to in the UK?
Me: Cheltenham Ladies’ College
Girl: OOOOOO-LA-LA~~~~~~~!!!!!!
Me: ….

wakakaka… yea, posh school, but not a posh graduate


And it’s really funny how people from alllll over the world think that allll chinese people are born to be kung fu fighters. Staff at the clinic, kids from the orphanage, even the bushmen…. Once they know I’m a chinese they go excitedly ’Can you show me some kung fu????’ arghhhh you guys are watching way too many misleading hollywood movies….. One of the kids at the orphanage started calling me Bruce Lee…. -_-… I called him Jacky chan, then omg, you should really see that instant wide grin on his face, the way his face just lights up like the flick of a switch… It’s like an HONOUR to call him THAT name…. He was so happy… Then another kid said he wants to be Jet Li… everybody wants to be a Chinese…. Then I started writing them their Chinese names. They went CRAZY…. 20+ kids instantly crowd around me with some scrap paper (torn magazine/newspaper pieces; exercise book covers; lottery tickets; etc, any pieces of writing material they could find on the sandy ground outside the orphanage), yelling ‘write Benson!’ ‘write Jack!’ ‘how do u write Mike??’ ‘Cesar! Cesar!’ etc… after they got their chinese names they ask me to write countries… ‘Zambia’ ‘Zimbabwe’ (I hv no clue what their chinese names are so I just made it up) ‘China’, etc etc…….. I ended up spending 45 minutes crouching on that sandy ground writing…


Taught some Science to some of the older kids at the orphanage… I looked at their textbook and saw the most bizzare thing I ever found on a textbook…. They have one whole module dedicated to Sexually Transmitted Disease, Then one of the exercises they got was ticking the activities which will spread STD’s… there are pictures of ppl shaking hands, hugging, kissing, and, yea, u guessed that, making love (under a duvet though). We couldn’t help laughing at it… Then one of the class discussion was ‘How to prevent the spread of STDs’ The kids sure know a hell lot, more than us even, one kid told us ‘You know how the name of the condom came from? It’s invented by a guy called John Condom’

We went speechless, then one of the volunteers said ‘You know what? I am John Condom’ The kids sure looked surprised…. did they really believe that the legendary John Condom is right in front of their eyes????


Helped out at the Lab in the Clinic the other day. had to prepare sputum samples for tb investigation. What I did was to take all those Gooey Bloody Mucus taken from the patients’ throat, wipe them on microscopic slides, then stain them, then look under a microscope and count the number of TB bacillus to determine the patient’s tb state.

Right, I got plastic gloves and Lab coat alright, but they don’t have a mask, instead they have a fan facing the window so the bacteria from 90 slides of the 30 tb patients will be blown away (hopefully). Fingers crossed, I hope my TB Immunity from that BCG jab I had when I was in Primary school is still functioning properly, or else……………………………………………………….


Mar 31


Okay, I’m off to Zambia tonight… 19 hours african bus ride… wish me luck. Hope I could cross the border succesfully and safely.

And guess what I did yesterday…. First time ever in my life….


sorry if I sound very ignorant or inexperienced but it really was the first time I did anything like that.

Basically I took a local taxi to the rural outskirts of the capital, Since that place is so remote that no taxi will go there I asked for return ride and surprise! surprise! That taxi never came back. So I had to walk all way through some bush paths to get to a main road, make sure I know which direction I’m heading towards…

then wait.

I tried to look at the drivers of each car that passed by… trying to look for women drivers… but in 15 minutes all I saw were minivans or trucks with either one huge muscular black man or a group of sweaty black workers (sorry I try not to sound or be a racist but it really was quite scary)

Then there was a van with a Hispanic-looking man, there’s a hotel logo on the van so I suppose it will be safer??? I gave it a try and he let me in. So I paid full attention all the way back to the city, making sure it’s the same as the way I took when i left. And that guy was so funny. He was talking on his mobile (hmm… not very safe…) and asking me to help him write down some telephone numbers as he talk…

And yes. He was honest after-all. He went to the city, and said he’s going to pick up another guy and then drop me off somewhere near a hotel in the city center. I knew the city center’s within walking distance from there so I said I’d just get off right here.

that’s it! still alive!

2 more months to go…. Actually if I had to compare South America and Africa, wildlife-wise S-Am is not at all comparable to Africa which is the only continent containing my favorite animal ever – the cheetah!

But people or community-wise, I LOVE south america. Ecuador to be exact. The Latinos are so much more nice, friendly and polite. The Africans are in fact quite rude. Rude to tourists especially, even worse than those in Hong Kong. Hello, don’t you know we’re part of your income source? And I’ve mentioned about ppl in Ecuador staring at ppl of another race in the street. The africans do too and they would yell some afrikaans at us. Well it may be some nice greetings though I dunno. And I’ve met so so soooo many africans coming towards me asking me where I came from and then ask me for money. So thick-face-skin. They’ve got all sorts of different excuses I admire their imagination.

An example was that when I was sitting and reading in a park, a guy came towards me and asked me where I came from, then he said he’s from ‘Herreroland’ and that he has some mental disorder, so he has to come to the capital for soem injections. Therefore he’s got no money now to go back to his hometown. He kept repeating ‘I got mental disorder! I got illness in my brain! I got problem with my mind!’

Yes I understand english.

During the past 2 times when I was asked again where I came from I just went ‘Soy de Republica de Dominica’ (I am from dominican republic — totally random)

Then they would answer ‘do you speak english?’

‘No, solo hablo espanol. lo siento’

Then they’d just walk away.

wow, Spanish come to be useful in a non-spanish continent!

(Sorry, I know I sound a little bit mean but Too much really is too much)

I kind of miss Ecuador actually. Maybe becos it’s where I had my first placement and the first is usually – if not always – the best.

Latinas are sweeeeeeeeeeeet


Mar 22

up close

Just to prove to u guys that I do get up close to the animals……

Sweet Goeters (He’s 17 years old!)

Me throwing meat to the Lions!

Watch out u guys! Loooooch is Shoooooooooting!

Sleeping with a cute little kitten

My baby Mongooses!!

Sweet little Duma.. awww… she’s so cute

Zion the bully!

Haha… our costme party! (I’m that tortoise at the back… ha-ha-ha-very-funny) Yea we actually have to dress up as one of the animals we take care of…. It was actually a competition and I won!!!

A sign I made for the center


Mar 16

more pictures from harnas

Okay more pictures….

2 cheetahs grooming each other.. aww.. thats so sweet…

So which is the most dangerous feline in the cat family??

Timon: Pumbaa you’re just plain stupid!
Pumbaa: Sorry timon…

Little Zion’s got a new toy!

Zion the Bully



Mar 03

Safe and Sound in Namibia

Safe and Sound in Namibia, The land with 300 days of sunshine a year.

The first thing in my mind when I got off South African Airways SA074 I couldn’t help but smile to myself. ‘omg. I am stepping on Africal soil. I can’t believe it. This is like a 22 yrs’ dream come true. I am in Africa!’

I can’t emphasize enough this place is a MUST for animal lovers… esp cat lovers. There are more than 30 cats in total in the whole lodging area.

First thing that came to greet me when I arrived the rescue center were 2 cute little kittens, rushing towards that 4WD I was on.

In the middle of the night a kitten jumped onto my stomach and purred ever so loudly. The next morning when I woke up I thought it was a dream, but then I saw that very same kitten beside my pillow.

When I was brushing my teeth another kitten suddenly pounced onto the sink. I pushed him away and he pounced back and started licking the tap water. Totally unashamed of himself.

Here comes the exciting part.

There were over 20 cheetahs altogether in this rescue center and most of them are too tamed to be released back into the wild. (Nikkita, Aloise, Duma, Bony, Leuki, etc… can’t remember all their names, cant even tell who’s who yet) Apparently cheetahs are the only african big cat that can be completely tamed (i.e. doesnt get mad if you touch them when they’re eating) They were so affectionate, So close to human, hungry for human contact (They keep rubbing their cheeks against us like huge pussy cats) and their purr when we pet them… awww…. I wish i could record it and use it as my ringtone!!! They love to play chase and roll on their back. What graceful animals. Simply gorgeous.

Then there’s that little lion cub called Zion. 6 weeks old. But quite heavy though.

There’s also a gay zebra called Zeba, They told us he’s gay since they’ve been trying to breed him but he hated all the female zebras and hurted them. how funny’s that.

Africa’s cool, there sth for everyone: big cats for me, zebras (white with black stripes) for val, elephant for ah gik, ostrish for fa, all wild wild animals for judif, cats for lilian, haha, wat else?

But ppl here speak german mostly. Judif I need ur help.

Saw a double rainbow on the first day I arrived. It was HUGE! Never seen a double rainbow THAT big b4, it was literally an arch from one end of Namibia to the other end! I couldn’t capture the whole thing so here it is, one small segment of it.

mmm… now this tastes good

The well-known tear mark

3 of them (Forgot their names though)

The little prince!!

Hakuna Matata!