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Sep 12

Quisiero ir a quito

My host family in Ecuador still sends me email regularly, like once a week. Since she doesn’t understand any english, all her emails were in Spanish, and she told me she does that to make sure I can keep up with that language. And in every other email, she asks about how my teeth are doing (cos I had that accident a week b4 I arrived her place)

Sometimes I get a bit lazy, and I’d just chuck everything into an online translator and simply clicked ‘english to spanish’

Guess what her reply goes ‘I am very happy about the improvement of your Spanish’ in spanish.

I really miss her.

Will I go to Ecuador again in the near future? or even…. in the next few years?

She’s an old lady living alone in the city center of Quito, Capital of Ecuador.

I start to wonder if I’ll ever get to see her again.

Quisiero ir a quito… esta ciudad y las personas, me gustan mucho…


Jun 25

si se puede!

fue una juego muy bonito, ecuadora! hacia bien!

…si se puede!

second world cup appearance, whaddaya expect.

beautiful country, EXTREMELY friendly people, splendid culture, classy team.

most of all, it is the place where my espanol level rocketed.

ecuador sure is my favorite country in the world.

i love latinas

haha, my cellphone ran out of battery b4 the match and i switched it off; when i got home and switched it back on, there were like 4 txt messages popping out,

‘Hey, are you singing their national anthem?’

my answer is, i know how to sing the ecuador anthem, i was taught when i was living there, but i’m still too young to die. and i dont want to die in hard rock cafe.

‘wakakaakaka let’s watch england’s next match together!!!!!’

my answer is, sure, no probs, whichever team they’re playing against, i will be on that side

thanks you guys for remembering me, that is SO SWEET of you all